We finally made it to Provence in August this summer! We had originally planned this vacation for 2020 but we all know what happened THAT year, and 2021 was also postponed. Here is a link to our photos. We ate a year's worth of bread, visited several charming villages nearby, played petanque, swam in the pool, played pickleball on the villa's tennis court, and ate some more. Emma and Ethan also travelled there with their partners, as well as Nigel's brother's family.

Kathy and Nigel stopped off in London before and after being in Provence and enjoyed seeing Emma and Joe's new flat.

Nigel and Kathy went to Club Med in Ixtapa for our 30th wedding anniversary in May. We have been there so many times that it almost feels like home. And they have added some pickleball courts so it was even more fun than usual!


  • worked very hard as usual!

  • visited his brother Adrian in Kentucky where they fished and shot things.


  • continues to play and teach pickleball. It is a socially acceptable addiction!

  • had arthroscopic knee surgery in February for a torn meniscus but was able to play pickleball after only a month's physical therapy!


Emma is now a full time social media content creator. You can see her YouTube videos on her GoodGrowing channel.


Ethan continues to work as a civil engineer specializing in transportation.